No1 Lash – extend serum for eyelashes

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A revolutionary serum that nourishes the roots of your Eye Lashes after its application Eye Lashes grow faster, are denser and firmer. Mainly it extend the life of the lashes and it takes few weeks longer to drop out. An average Eye Lash extends about 6-8 mm over 4-6 months.

Product Description

How the serum works:

The revolutionary No1 LASH serum significantly prolongs the growth phase of your lashes, nourishes their roots and stimulates their growth. An eyelash can grow much longer and it falls out much later. Thanks to the revolutionary contents of the serum your lashes grow faster and the roots produce more fibers, making an eyelash fuller, stronger and more flexible.


The serum stimulates the eyelash growth on all users regardless their sex or age. Your own eyelashes will start growing; they will get thicker, longer and voluminous. Thanks to melanin, the production of which is enhanced by the No1LASH serum, your eyelashes are darker and healthier. Your will reach the Hollywood lash effect. Unlike with false lashes, you can go diving, play games, go to sauna or just do anything you like, because your lashes are 100% natural and healthy.


Gently rub upper and lower eyelids with the applicator. It is important to apply the serum directly to the roots of your eyelashes. There is no need to apply it on the lashes themselves. To be applied on clean, make-up free eyelid every night. When the serum is dry (usually after 2 minutes), you can continue applying your regular eye treatment.


One package contains the serum for 3-5 months of everyday use. The first result can be seen approximately after a month of use, the full effect is reached after 3 months. The eyelashes often keep growing next few months. The average speed of an eyelash growth is about 1mm/ month, the average prolongation being 5-8 millimeters.


Take a picture of your eyelashes, measure them and compare with your results after every month of an everyday usage of the No1LASH serum.

Your lashes will be:

200% longer50% fuller30% strongerApply daily on a make-up free eyelid on the roots of your lashes. Clinically proven.Approved by:The National Institute of Public Health in Europe(meets the strictest EU standards).


Palmitoyl pentapeptide 5, hydrolyzed keratin, panthenol, lecithin, taurine, glucose, inositol, naringin, copper gluconate, azelaic acid.


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